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Let’s ignore simple disagreements. Those are easily explained. But what about those times when you say something like “The sky is blue,” and someone responds, “No! The sky is blue.” That’s the kind of “road rage” I mean.
Let me give you an example. In a discussion about YouTube censoring videos that reflect conservative points of view, I mentioned that “... it isn't the government restricting free speech.” A respondent commented, “I gather you have not read the Constipation for a while. the first ammendment [sic] does not ap[ply [sic] to the actions of private businesses that do not use the pubic [sic] airwaves?”
NOTE: For those unfamiliar with the annotation “[sic]” means that the preceding text was copied meticulously including any errors.
This respondent is well known for comments such as this. Despite the fact that I acknowledged that I was complaining of censorship by a private business and not the government, the user focused on the fact that constitutional protections of free speech do not apply to anyone but the government. Okay, maybe I should have been more explicit. Also, the typing errors are common enough and should not be indicative of anything amiss. However, the use of “Constipation” for “Constitution” could be worrisome. Maybe he was just trying to be funny (although there’s nothing funny that I can see in that word substitution). In another discussion thread he responded, “Anyone decent would gave left atby he fir da t racist or anti-semitic chant [sic]”. I suppose that could be explained by anger.
Again, it is not any one example that makes me suspect a disorder, but rather the pattern of behavior that gives me pause.

No, I’m no psychologist. I’m just a reasonably educated person looking for an explanation, one that will help me communicate better. However, after countless incidents like this, I’m beginning to wonder, what chance have we?

And no, I’m not talking about the pop psychology of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. That’s simply one ideologue insulting another.

This pattern of communication sent me exploring the Internet for a possible explanation and I found Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder.
“Social (pragmatic) communication disorder is characterized by difficulty with the use of social language and communication skills (also called pragmatic communication by professionals). A child or teen with this disorder will have difficulty in following the ordinary social rules of communication (whether they are verbal or nonverbal), following the rules for storytelling or conversations (each person takes a turn), and changing language depending upon the situation or needs of the listener.”

The cited article goes on to state “Difficulty understanding what is not explicitly stated (e.g., making inferences) and nonliteral or ambiguous meaning of language (e.g., idioms, humor, metaphors, multiple meanings that depend on the context for interpretation).”

Two questions came to mind after reading this: (1) Do such disorders persist into adulthood and (2) Do such disorders impair written communication as well as verbal communication. If you research further, you will find that the answer to both is yes.

Thus, when you enter the arena of debate on the Internet, be patient. Among the many issues you will have to deal with above and beyond the topic of debate, may include a handicapped individual. You can no more be angry with them for their misunderstandings and malaprops than you can be angry with a cripple for limping.
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My father was a Nazi. I don’t know if he actually belonged to the American branch of the Nazi party. I have grounds to suspect he did. In any case, he was a fervent admirer of Adolf Hitler and all that he did. I grew up listening to my father extol Hitler’s dreams. Fortunately, I learned at an early age that my father was bat guano crazy and to ignore him.
Now, before you judge him harshly (that’s my prerogative) remember that many greatly admired Americans shared his beliefs. Charles Lindbergh for one. Joe Kennedy, the father of the famous brothers including President John F. Kennedy, for another. Why not? Der Fuhrer pulled Germany out of the Great Depression and who really cared what he did with the Jews? Everybody hated them.

Thus, I look with more than passing interest on the shenanigans of today’s Nazis. I wonder. How do they compare to Hitler’s minions?
First, there is no direct connection that I can find between the Nazis of Germany and today’s American Nazis. There is no individual who arrived on these shores to spawn such an organization. Indeed, there have been a couple of iterations of American Nazis since the fall of the Third Reich.

The first iteration of American Nazis were the ones to which my father belonged in the 1930s when Hitler first rose to power. They were distant admirers rather than acolytes. In time they met in enclaves to share news of progress in Germany and complain about American politicians who failed to bring such relief to their desperate lives. Interestingly, President Franklin Roosevelt was as much a socialist as Herr Hitler, possibly more so, but socialism wasn’t the Fuhrer’s principal attraction. He focused more on giving his people a scapegoat. I think that is why my father despised Roosevelt. I suspect that he wanted the President to be more like the Fuhrer in placing the blame for the nation’s ills on some identifiable minority, blacks or Jews, more so than even curing the economy.

When the war broke out, American Nazis and their sympathizers scattered like cockroaches in the kitchen when the light is switched on. Some even joined the fight against the Nazis. My father didn’t. He found work in the war industry that sheltered him from the draft.

The second iteration of the American Nazis came in 1959. It was an actual political party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. Originally known as the World Union Free Enterprise National Socialists, he renamed it the American Nazi Party in 1960. Thank God. Is there anything more confusing than “Free Enterprise...Socialists”. It’s an oxymoron. They claimed to adhere to Hitler’s ideals and policies, but that “free enterprise” think must have given them trouble. In any case, the American Nazi Party disbanded in 1967 when Rockwell was assassinated. (It seems unfair to elevate his murder to the level of an “assassination”.)

The third iteration of American Nazis was headed by Rockwell’s deputy commander, Matt Koehl. Koehl, a self-identified “Hitlerist” appears to have exposed the real intent of American Nazis, to seek an all-white America. Christian, too. Groups of American Nazis then began to splinter off, intent on pursuing their own agendas. For example, Frank Collin, secretly the son of a Jewish father, formed his own chapter of the American Nazi Party in Chicago focusing on a crusade against Jews. (Ironic, isn’t it?) Their march through Skokie, Illinois, home to a community of Holocaust Survivors, led to the Supreme Court Case of Nationalist Socialist Party of America v Village of Skokie which established the legal right to display the swastika by virtue of the First Amendment Right of Free Speech. (Remember, popular speech doesn’t need protection.)

Since the late 1960’s there have been several other iterations of the American Nazi Party. Although their focus shifts to reflect their personal prejudices, they tend to remain enamored of the German Nazi iconography, especially the swastika, and uniforms.
This, of course, merely glosses over a substantial history of Nazis in America. You will have to fill in the details for yourself. There are plenty of resources available in local libraries and on the InternetWikipedia is a good place to begin, but question everything you find therein. Remember, Wikipedia is publicly edited and that may include a Nazi or two. However, I have reached a few conclusions of my own.
  1. The American Nazi Party of today bears little resemblance to earlier iterations and almost none to the Third Reich. Indeed, if one of today’s American Nazis met a member of the Third Reich they would likely wet themselves.
  2. The American Nazi Party of today is not a socialist organization.
  3. The American Nazi Party of today is primarily a racist organization preferring swastikas and brown shirts to white sheets.

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I have two propaganda filmstrips that I believe my father came in possession of while participating in Nazi meetings and I'm still looking for a worthy home to donate them. Please see my earlier weblog posting describing them.
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Seriously, what chance do we have communicating effectively when lexicographers can't agree on the meanings of the words we use? Oh, what would you call a person who is an expert with words? Educated? Grammarian? Linguist? See what I mean?

The topic of this essay was suggested by a comic strip that I recently read in which a character laments, “There should be a term for the opposite of ironic.
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Well, there is, isn't there? There is, I looked it up. All was clear until my wife looked it up. That's when confusion reared its ugly head.

Ironic: Antonyms
  • My source: logical, sincere
  • Her source: exaggeration, hyperbole, overstatement

That's when the argument, or should I say “debate”, began. We decided to settle it by first agreeing on the meaning of “irony”.

Think about it. We did. What is “irony”? Okay, you aren't a lexicographer and neither are we. We turned to our smart phones and looked it up. Apparently the experts can't agree on the definition either, nor the synonyms for “irony”.

Well, let's go back to the source. Let's consult the people who invented the word. They should know, right?

Irony (origin): early 16th cent. (also denoting Socratic irony): via Latin from Greek eirōneia ‘simulated ignorance,’ from eirōn ‘dissembler.’

Say what?

H. L. Mencken famously described the British and Americans as “two people separated by a common language.” I suggest that my wife and I similarly separated as is everybody else.

So, before you jump down someone's throat for some imagined slight, I suggest you stop and ask, “What did you mean by that?”
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A tantrum or temper tantrum is an emotional outbreak, usually associated with children or those in emotional distress, typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, defiance, angry ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, hitting.” – Wikipedia
Recognize this behavior? A large segment of the American population seems to be having a tantrum ever since Donald Trump was elected President. Of course they feel justified. But what is their justification? Well, at first blush it was the unfairness of the Electoral College. That excuse didn't last long because few people actually understand the Electoral College. Then came the Russians.
Now it's the Nazis. What will be next?

Meanwhile, the nation survives. Flourishes, actually. Unemployment down, way down. Stock market up, way up. Consumer confidence high. Federal deficit spending low.

What, then, is the best way to deal with a tantrum? Just ask any competent parent. Don't reward it. Don't even acknowledge it. God help you if you do. You will teach your child (or emotionally distressed adult) that it's a successful tactic and they'll use it again and again.
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Most experts tend to agree that they are made-up terms. So? All terms are made up, aren't they? Every word of every language was made up, crafted to express an idea, name a thing, or denote an action. If alt-Right and alt-Left are made up, does that make them any less valid?
The challenge is to understand what they are. Inasmuch as they haven't yet appeared in any dictionary, it's a great challenge. The simple fact that they are being used as pejoratives, used to express contempt for the opposition, I suspect that both are describing strawmen.
What then is a strawman? Fortunately that term has arrived in the dictionary: An intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.
Thus, when you hear these terms, beware. You have stumbled upon propaganda. The Strawman Argument is a classic technique of propaganda. The propagandist is attempting to convince you of the correctness of their position or opinion by contrasting it with the obvious weakness or falseness of that of their opponent's (that they have crafted for them). 
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America's success is the sum total of the successes of millions of individuals free to pursue their dreams according to their own abilities and ambition. Free market capitalism allowed many to build great businesses such as Henry Ford.
The Progressive Left vilifies the most successful among us arguing that only they should be allowed to be the captains of American industry. Well, let's see how well that's worked out in Detroit, the natal home of Ford Motor Company, where the Progressive Left have captained one of the world's great cities for more than 50 years.
These are the same people who have been captains in Washington. They are The Swamp. Now, why are we trying to tear down the one person who was sent to Washington to "drain The Swamp"?
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Last year's contentious election and its aftermath as well as my growing involvement with organizations helping active duty military members, retired, and veterans distracted me from creative writing. Now I'm back with a new short story that I hope you'll enjoy.
Click to read "Would you like some coffee with your sugar"
My immediate plans are to clean up my short stories and publish a book of my favorites, then resume writing my Korean War novel and other projects that have been waiting. Thank you for your patience
<![CDATA[Did the Left adopt George Orwell's 1984 as an instruction manual?]]>Mon, 05 Jun 2017 17:47:04 GMThttp://jackdurish.com/jacks-blog/did-the-left-adopt-george-orwells-1984-as-an-instruction-manualOh Dark Thirty
If you have never read 1984 by George Orwell, you really should. It explains a lot about life in these times. If you have, read it again and see if you don't agree.
Language as Mind Control

Orwell was correct. If you control vocabulary, you control thought. I wrote a book in 1981, Dream Pirates, for college students who couldn't read above a third grade level. It taught me a lesson about “Newspeak” that I've never forgotten.

The publisher provided me with a vocabulary of 1,200 words. I was allowed to use only them, but could introduce ten more. I had to use them repeatedly and in a context that would help students learn them. Unfortunately, I wrote my story outline using my own vocabulary. “Unfortunately” because it was impossible to convert some concepts from my vocabulary into the limited one of the students. It was like trying to write algebraic formulas without using letters for unknown values. Allow me to provide a simple example.

I created a scene in which a person was on the outside of a group listening to their conversation. I wanted to say “...he looked over her shoulder...” “Shoulder” wasn't on the list and I had already exhausted my ten new word limit. I could say “...he looked past her head...” but that doesn't work, does it?

Think about that. A limited vocabulary limits the ability to conceptualize a thought. Most people think in their native language and if they lack a word for a thing, it's difficult for them to understand that thing. Orwell demonstrated that concept in 1984 using “Newspeak”. He imagined a world in which the overlords controlled the masses by limiting their ability to conceive of subversive ideas. Isn't that the same result achieved by Political Correctness employed today by the Left?

Control of History and Information

Unarguably, the Left set out to control the flow of information and has largely succeeded. Every extant survey of teachers and journalists show conclusively that they are in the thrall of the Left. From the entertainment industry, headquartered in Los Angeles, and the news media, headquartered in New York, and the halls of academia located throughout the nation, one hears little other than the mantra espoused by progressives, globalists, and collectivists.

One interesting incident recently in the news, exposed the manipulation of history by the Left. Joyce Kaplan, a Harvard professor of American Studies, tweeted, “The USA, created by int’l community in Treaty of Paris in 1783, betrays int’l community by withdrawing from #parisclimateagreement today,” The fact is that this Treaty of Paris was negotiated between the United States and Great Britain, not “the int'l community”, ending the Revolution and acknowledging independence of the American Colonies. It was won by main force of arms. Furthermore, if the United States had any obligation to any other nation it was repaid many times over in two great wars of the last century.

The simple fact is that the Harvard professor was altering history in an attempt to persuade Americans to support the Paris Treaty on Climate Change.

​Climate Change is a natural cyclic phenomenon which cannot be predicted nor controlled. However, Global Climate change is a perversion of science initiated by globalists who wish to use the threat of climate change as a unifying factor. The Left is using fear of natural catastrophe to herd the masses into one world united under their control. We would be far better off using our wealth to deal with its effects rather than attempting to alter it, but that does not suit the purposes of the Left.

In the Orwellian world of 1984, the party controls all information. It alters the past to justify the present just as this Harvard professor has attempted.

Pyschological Manipulation

Where the Harvard professor may have failed in misleading the general public, she succeeds with her students. She and others in academia live in an isolated world surrounded by walls of intolerance towards contrarian ideas. She uses the natural inclination of youth to rebel to inculcate them with Leftist ideas and ideals. This is why we see students demonstrating the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome whenever their world is broached by “the enemy”, people exercising critical thinking and freedom of speech.

Stockholm Syndrome causes hostages to form a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy. Anyone who doubts that students are hostages and teachers are captors should visit a modern classroom..
Yes, the video Modern Educayshun is a parody, but how far over the top is it really? Look at news videos of modern students rioting when faced with the prospect of those harboring contrarian ideas appearing on their campuses at Berkeley
These students are acting out Leftist strategy much like Patty Hearst participated in bank robberies after being held hostage by the Left-wing terrorist group known as the Symbianese Liberation Army during the 1970's. Stockholm Syndrome became well known after that incident.


One of the more interesting discussions that I've heard often repeated among those on the Right concerns cognitive dissonance. They misuse the concept in an attempt to understand the resulting behaviors of those in thrall of the Left.
We frequently hear those who follow the Left embracing ideas which are mutually exclusive. Those capable of critical thinking are uncomfortable with that. That discomfort is “dissonance” and we are aware of it (that is “cognitive”). When people discover a difference between reality and their perceptions, they suffer cognitive dissonance which may be alleviated only by changing their perceptions. Reality can't be changed.

However, the Left is not aware of any such difference. They have developed the Orwellian skill of “Doublethink”, the ability to hold two contradictory ideas in one's mind at the same time. They would have no problem harboring the idea that they are good people even though they tell lies. After all, their intentions are good.

For example, almost everyone with only an elementary education understands the scientific process. It is, as this illustration demonstrates, a cyclic, never-ending process. In other words, the science is never settled. The only time we hear “the science is settled” is when we are being told to sit down and shut up, stop critical thinking.

However, that is just what the globalists on the Left want us to do: Sit down and shut up. When the curtain is pulled aside revealling them altering the data to inspire fear in us, the Left dutifully pays no attention.
They are practicing doublethink.

Yes, we are well past 1984, but the date is Orwell's selection of that date was arbitrary. The strategy expressed in the book is well advanced though far from completely implemented.
<![CDATA[What do you call #Veterans who won't stay down no matter how hard they're knocked down?]]>Sat, 29 Apr 2017 23:11:27 GMThttp://jackdurish.com/jacks-blog/what-do-you-call-veterans-who-wont-stay-down-no-matter-how-hard-theyre-knocked-downVeterans
<![CDATA[Are you confused by the antics of your fellow "Amerikans"?]]>Sat, 11 Feb 2017 16:34:59 GMThttp://jackdurish.com/jacks-blog/are-you-confused-by-the-antics-of-your-fellow-amerikansOpinion
Yes, I used an alternative spelling of “Americans” to make a point. We the People are changing. Well, to put a fine point on it, some are different. Thus, while you and I may be American, there is a new breed among us. Let's call them “Amerikans”. No, I'm not saying that they're bad and we're good. It's just that we're different, different enough that government “...of the people, by the people, and for the people...” will have to change. Amerikans demand that it change for them. That's why they're rioting in the streets, assaulting Americans, and taking offense at virtually everything
Rioting at the campus where the Free Speech Movement was born [click to enlarge]
Limited government, as described in the Constitution, only works for people who are ready and able to accept responsibility for themselves, their words, and their actions. People who have lived with parents who gave them everything, need a government that will give them everything. People who have been protected from things that hurt their feelings (like losing a game or failing a test), need to be protected from having their feelings hurt by their government. People who fear responsibility cannot be granted freedom because every freedom comes with responsibility.
Now, don't judge them. They didn't become “snowflakes” and “social justice warriors” without help. They were encouraged by their parents who were afraid to say “no”. They were trained by teachers who were themselves trained in this new ideology. They were coddled by politicians who discovered that they could be elected and reelected by promising to cater to every need (even though they couldn't deliver – a promise was enough).

And, to be fair, the world is a far more complex place these days. We're all feeling overwhelmed, aren't we? Once upon a time I could “fix” almost anything. Technology was mechanical and I could keep my world running with a few basic tools. Now we must depend on others. There's no getting around it. Whereas I could once disassemble any part of my car's drive-train, repair and reassemble it, I don't even bother or dare to lift the hood anymore.

I know this may seem strange to some. Disturbing even. However, I believe that most who serve/served are Americans. Yes, there are Amerikans among us. They block me even on RallyPoint (a blog for those who serve/served) or troll me to jump on every error or omission that I make. However, the popularity of my comments and postings there lead me to believe that most military service members are Americans.